You know that aggressive bark your dogs do when a stranger walks in? It’s not out of fear or jealousy but a sign of protection saying, “If you ever hurt my family, I will chew you down.” That’s why dogs are and always will be our best friend. At many times, they are even willing to give up their life to save ours. Like this family dog, Zero did.

Laura Martinez and her family were having a surprise birthday party of their daughter. They planned out everything the cakes, the guests, the decorations. And it was supposed to be a great get together. The food was getting ready, and the whole family was in the garage along with Zero.

Laura Martinez / Facebook

But soon the party took an unexpecting turn when a 17-year-old approached the house. The teenager reportedly threatened everyone and started hitting Laura. And the more the family tried to calm him down, the more violent he got. When all of a sudden, the teenager took a gun and pointed it to the members.

He started shooting a random fire to everyone in the party. One of the shot was aimed at Laura’s son’s foot. He took a second to fire the second shot, and that’s when Zero jumped. The protective doggie grabbed his arms so that everyone else would be safe. Unfortunately, the teen shot Zero instead.

Laura Martinez / Facebook

Even after the injury, the dog didn’t give up. He jumped back on the teen and tried to stop him from shooting. But the teen was in no stage of stopping. He aimed at Zero and shot him two or more times.

When they rushed Zero to the vet, it was already too late; the doctors were unable to save him. Zero gave his life to protect his family from a senseless act of a teenager. The teen also shot Laura on the leg, and now she uses crutches until she is fully recovered. Her daughter was shot as well.

Picture of the teen suspect.

Fortunately, the suspect was arrested soon after the incident. He was given three bonds of $30,000 each making it impossible for him to get off the jail anytime soon.

Laura and the family set up a GoFundMe account to gather financial help for their medical bills. The fuel began when the family found out that the teen robbed wallet with 300$ cash in it, some jewelry and some other miscellaneous stuff from the house. They wanted to resolve the matter calmly and wanted to talk to the teen’s parents and sort things out. But, the enraged teen took the issues in his own hands.

If Zero wasn’t there to save the family, the condition would have been even worse. May his soul rest in peace.

If you want to help the family, please do fund them on their Gofundme page and share this story to your friends and family.

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