When you are faced with another creature in need, what would you do? Would you turn a blind eye, or do your best to help the creature? Sometimes, things may look too intimidating and out of your hand. But the important thing to do is at least try helping them out. The man in the following video did the same. This amazing footage shows his attempts, and it’s definitely worth a watch!

A group of people came across a whale while out at sea. This humpback whale was on the verge of death when the group first saw her floating on the surface. In fact, they thought she was already past the point of any help, but they took a closer look anyway. They soon realized that her time was short, and they really needed to move fast. What happened next was so amazing that it’s moving so many people’s hearts.

The brave rescuers named the humpback whale Valentina. They hoped that her journey from near death to freedom will inspire others to do the same as them. Everyone needs to act on behalf of other living creatures. One of them even said, “In ways big and small, each of us can be the one who helps another.” What an inspiring thing to say!

After such a bad ordeal, let’s hope the whale is doing well now. After all, she got a second chance at life!

Check out this amazing rescue below:

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