Children are the cutest things in the world. Everything is so new to them, and they look at everything with eye filled with curiosity and wonder. The journey they make from the womb to the outside world is amazing as well. They go from being a single cell to a tiny human in nine months—isn’t that incredible? They share an intimate connection with their mother in the womb, but if there are twins, they share a close connection even before birth.

Twins are known to play with each other even in the womb itself. So when they are born, it is natural for them to be extremely familiar with each other. Twins tend to display this closeness well beyond childhood. It is said that if one of the twins is miscarried, or if they lose their twin early in childhood, they carry a sense of loss throughout their lives. They are each other’s best friends, and the twins in the following video illustrate this perfectly.

These twins were put in the same cot by their mom. Once they were next to each other, they couldn’t stop talking with each other! Well, of course they weren’t able to say full words, but they seemed to understand each other quite well. They kept giggling and laughing without a care in the world. Raising twins together must be much more difficult than raising one child at a time, but moments like these must give the parents double the happiness and satisfaction!


Seeing these two together like this really makes you smile, doesn’t it? There is nothing purer than the sound of children’s laughter, and these jolly twins are really spreading joy with theirs!

Check these adorable babies below:

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