There are lots of stray dogs all over the world. Sadly, they don’t get as much love as they deserve from us humans. Just take a look at this story for example!

On his way home, a Chinese man from Chongqing, China kicked a stray dog and laughed about it. But little did he know that he was in for a very big surprise. His kick not only hurt the dog physically, but it also made a negative impact on his mind. Wait till you see what the dog did next!

Source: Original video/ Youtube

It all started when this man was about to park his car. Resting on his reserved parking space was a stray dog. This didn’t go down very well with the human, so he kicked the dog instead of gently asking him to leave. When his neighbor went to the parking lot after a few minutes, he saw a couple of dogs along with the dog the man kicked, doing THIS to his car!

The dog returned after some time with his pack and started taking revenge on the man’s car. They attacked it with their sharp teeth and even caused damage to the windshield wipers and wheel arches.

Source: Original video/ Youtube

Do you think this man got what he deserved? He will definitely think twice before kicking random dogs on the streets now!

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