Friendships come in all shapes and sizes. We come across many different people in our lifetime, and all of them leave a different kind of impression on us. Some of them are positive, some are negative. However, you never know who stays. We have no idea of knowing who we will end up befriending. And that is actually the best part. You might have come across many awesome tales of friendship before. Featured below is one of these incredible stories.

The internet has lots of amazing videos on it. After you finish watching this, you will agree that this is definitely one of them. This video tells the story of an unlikely relationship between an elderly man and his otter friend. I have never heard anything like it before! I am sure it is going to bring a big smile on your face because it is truly something special. A 65 year old man called Seppo Laamanen from Punkaharju in eastern Finland was treated to a pleasant surprise when an otter decided to come up to his door one day.

The starving creature was tiny and malnourished. When Seppo saw his condition, he knew he couldn’t leave him behind. So he fed the little guy some worms and fish. But he had no idea what the otter had in mind. The grateful baby decided to repay the elderly man by visiting him at his home every single day. Ever since the first day they met in 2011, the duo have been inseparable. Seppo didn’t believe that such an encounter would end up leading him to something so amazing.

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