The sea is full of mysterious and wonderful things. There is so much more that we have to explore! Sea creatures can be terrifying, but some of them are actually cute! Sea lions or seals appear very similar to dogs. And some of them seem to be just as friendly as their land counterparts. Just take a look at the jolly seal in this video! The seal jumped aboard this man’s boat and looked super comfortable just snuggling with his new friend.

In this video, a cute sea lion joins a man on his boat for a ride. His interaction with the strange human is really adorable! “Here’s my new friend. He jumped aboard out at the bridge. Just hanging out with me. Snuggled right against my back”, says the man. The sea lion looked totally comfortable with the man. He was rally chilled out and showed no signs of panic or aggression towards the man either.

After the video was uploaded, it got more than 9 million views on the Facebook page of “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. And this took less than a week to blow up so big on the internet! You know cute and cuddly animals gather many views and likes online, but perhaps it’s the unusual critter in this video that received people’s interests more! It’s no wonder though, since who can really resist such charms and cuteness?

The man certainly must not have predicted he’d make a new friend when he set out to sea that day! What an unexpected turn indeed!

Check out this hilarious video below:

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