The ocean is an unpredictable place. You might already know this, but a lot of it is yet to be discovered. Till date, the human race has explored less than five percent of the oceans. Hard to believe, right? That is why there is no guessing what you might encounter while around a water body. And this family found about it in the funniest way possible. In order to kill time, they were out fishing in the ocean. What happened next has been cracking up the internet.

The woman and her family were blowing off some steam on the beach. She was trying to catch some fish. She succeeded, but none of them were expecting her catch to be followed by an angry sea lion. The poor thing had stalked it’s prey, the caught fish, to the shoreline. He was going for the kill, but just then the pesky human stole it right from under his nose! The sea lion seems quite surprised to see the family, so he decides not to pursue the fish further.

The poor guy swims back into the ocean after an adorable standoff, empty handed. But his confrontation has been watched many times, and he has become viral overnight! Watch this adorable video below! Were you expecting that? What would you do if you were in their shoes? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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