Most of us dislike a dirty room but hate the challenge of cleaning it. Trust me, you are not alone.  I mean, there are so many interesting things we could do, like watching movies or reading liked articles. Right? Plus throughout human history, we have done so many things to avoid this chore. We switched from brooms to the Vacuum cleaner. We hired somebody else to do the deeds. And at some point invested in a robot cleaner like Roomba as well. This automatic vacuum cleaner made our tasks so easy.

And a tidy room is just one click away. But like any other machines, Roomba also comes with some smelly consequences. Yes, smelly. If you put too much faith in this technology, you may end up like Ryan.

Source: Amazon

Ryan Landy showed us the exact consequence of this robot. He, like many of us lazybones, bought this iRobot. Soon, his two hands were replaced by this miniature vacuum. When his innocent Roomba encountered the dog feces, it ran them all over the house. And the result is hilariously smelly.

This untrained pup did some Poop-a-doop on his dad’s bathroom, while the trained Roomba got right into its doodie (pun intended). Noticing the mess, it repeatedly ran over the brown stuff creating further damage.



He posted two pooplicious photos on his Facebook and wrote:

“My new Roomba ran over my dog’s s**t and proceeded to “clean” the rest of my house. I’m going to need therapy.”

The second picture shows how the robot gulped the poopy and smeared it over every corner. Well, at least it tried to clean it.

Source: Ryan’s Photo/ Facebook

The post quickly became viral with more than 90k shares, period. And with the virality, the commentators gave their own nightmares with the machine. Some felt sorry for Ryan while others wanted to see the pup face. And oh boy, Ryan didn’t let them down.


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