The Earth is a beautiful place. 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. Water is the reason why life has been able to survive on this planet. This makes our oceans precious resources. They have been used by people for food, travel and oil, among others. Sadly, people haven’t treated the ocean fairly in return. For all that the ocean does for us, we haven’t repaid it properly, instead polluting it and killing everything that dwells in it.

Plastic pollution has become a major problem in the oceans. Since it is non-biodegradable, plastic remains in the oceans for years and negatively impacts everything that lives under the sea. It’s easy for us to use a plastic bag for takeaway dinner and forget about it once we are done. But this remains as trash for years, and can possibly end up in the sea. Plastic in the sea is choking up ecosystems within it, and even the biggest marine creatures can’t escape from it.


These divers were exploring everything underwater. They spotted some incredible turtles and coral as they swam on. But that is when a Giant Manta Ray approached them. Despite being huge, these rays are very gentle in nature. The divers noticed that something was wrong with the ray. It looked like it was asking for help. It let the divers approach really close, and then they noticed that the poor guy had been caught in a long fishing line.


The divers immediately got into action. They cut off the fishing line, and after reeling it all in, they discovered that the ray had been caught in a very long line indeed. This is why human activities are so unfair on sea creatures. The person who threw in the fishing line must have not thought much of it. But it made an innocent creature suffer for god knows how long. We must be more conscious of the impact we make on the environment.

Check out this incredible rescue below:

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