Mustache, a symbol of pride and confidence. Back in the days, it was what defined manliness and still is in some places. But as masculine it is on a man, this facial hair is cuter on a doggie’s cute little fur face. Yes, you heard it right. A dog. You don’t believe us?

Meet Salvadore Dolly. She was named after a famous mustache-sporting artist Salvador Dali. On July 10, this manly pup blessed his presence as one of 10 stray pups rescued from the street. This 5-weeks-old pup is currently living with his mother at a foster home in Dallas.

The vice president of marketing at Hearts & Bones Rescue states:

“Moustache Puppy is absolutely adorable and we’re so happy we were able to rescue her and her family. It’s puppy season in Dallas right now and there are always multiple moms with litters at the shelter.”

This non-profit organization Hearts and Bones Rescue shared this picture of the rescued dogs on their Instagram. And the Salvador Dali stole the show. The organization will only take the application for adoption in August or early September.

Source: Hearts and Bones Rescue in Dallas/ Instagram

“We try to get as many out as we can because neither mums nor their babies are available for adoption while they’re nursing, and the risk of young puppies getting sick in the shelter environment is very high. Our mama and her 11 babies were found as strays and lived in the shelter in Dallas for over two weeks.” said the president.

If you want to make a donation or apply for adoption, you can visit the site of Hearts and Bones.

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