Horrors can be found on any street–especially when it comes to animal cruelty. What Jeremy witnessed on February 10, 2019 will be giving him nightmares for years. On the streets of Brisbane, Queensland, a puppy was tied to a car-tow and then dragged on the rough dirt road by an inhuman man. Jeremy immediately reacted, stopping the car before it could do any more harm. Even though he managed to rescue the little creature, the heinous culprit got away.

To say that the puppy was hurt would be an understatement. Her skin and bones were severely grazed, she was bleeding through her injuries and her paws were torn off from her body. After seeing the harrowing condition of the puppy, Jeremy quickly contacted Happy Tails Animal Rescue.

The little creature was then taken to the vet to get the necessary help. It was only when she was properly checked that her broken jaw was discovered. No wonder she was terrified of every human hand that touched her. Treating her was difficult and the staff wasn’t even sure if she would make it. It was only after pulling through a coma recovery that it looked like she was going to get better. When her healing process started, she was named Remi, after her hero Jeremy.

Right now Remi is under his care. It was the correct decision for he is the only one she is calm with. The little puppy is still in recovery. With painkillers and antibiotics on her system, she will be re-bandaged for several months. The vets predict that if she was given proper rehab training and meticulous surgeries, she might stand on her feet once again.

Hopefully, with a GoFundMe page on his name and the $10,000 raised in her name, she will be able to have all those and more. Even though the investigation is still ongoing, the culprit hasn’t been caught yet. Our best wishes and hopes are with the little creature and we pray that she will fully recover to live out the rest of her life in peace.

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