These zookeepers pushed a scared donkey right into the water where the two tigers lay in wait. The incident took place right Infront of horrified zoo visitors. One of them filmed the video, sparking a furious response all around the world.

In eastern China, at the zoo named Changzhou, men dragged a terrified donkey out of the truck and slid it into the water. It tried to save itself, but there was nowhere for him to go. At one side, there were these men who dragged it into the water while at the other were hungry tigers waiting to snatch it’s skin apart.

Source: Actual Video/ Youtube

The incident wasn’t an everyday chore however, it was a protest after a dispute between zoo investor and zoo managers. The security guard restricted them from selling the animals, so they used the donkey as a zoo food to cut down the expenses.
According to the zoo, the poor donkey was tossed in the water “in a fit of rage” and soon apologized the horrified onlookers, “promising that there would never be a repeat of the incident.”

As soon as the donkey went to the bank, one of the tigers caught it’s neck and dragged it near the other tiger. The second tiger quickly slipped into the water and snatched the belly of its prey. But that’s not enough. These men had an innocent sheep in line to be tossed next who luckily got zoo staff members and onlookers.

One person watching captured the whole bloodied moment in footage and shared online. It quickly became viral in china and soon to the rest of the world. “Why are humans always worse than animals,” said one comment on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

Watch this gruesome video but please note Viewer discretion advised.

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