A disgusting video captures Indonesians riding the back of an endangered leatherback giant sea turtle goes viral. On July 5 Friday, at Asukweri beach, a range of people were filming with a turtle. But the footage was far from innocent. These men were riding on top of this defenseless creature with a big smile on their face.

According to the reports, the turtle appeared from the sea to lay her eggs, but on her way back, locals took advantage of her. And it was solely for their amusement. They took a turn to ride the turtle. One of the members thought of capturing their “fun time” on video.

Source: Main Video/ Youtube

The video starts by showing an old man sitting on top of the poor turtle while the onlookers applauded his did. Another old man is seen holding a branch of a tree. Few seconds in, seemingly young man took his turn on the ride while enjoying a pack of snacks. Another man had a baby in his hand while he joining the ride. The scared baby soon started enjoying the ride.

If that wasn’t enough, the guy in the white t-shirt stepped on the innocent reptile’s head while struggling to walk. Another member of the crowd started throwing sand at the visibly distressed animal. He then grabbed and pulled the animal’s flippers.

The Leatherback Sea Turtle is the largest turtle and considered a fourth biggest reptile with half a ton of weight.  It has a leather-like exterior, hence the name. This species faces the most significant threat from fishing nets and lobster pots.

Although the distribution is wide, due to intense collection of eggs, these turtles have a severe decline during the last century. It is listed as a vulnerable species, but its subpopulation is already critically endangered species.

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