You can never tell what you might experience while out in nature. Sometimes, you might even have to help out an animal in need. During a low tide, some people found an unbelievable scene on the British Columbia coastline. They noticed an orca that was stranded upon the rocks. The orca had been swimming around the area but sadly didn’t manage to move on before the tide started going out.She was stuck on the rocks, and it was a very dangerous situation for her.

Situations like this can be a challenge, not just for the animal but for the rescuers as well. It’s simply impossible to move a 5-tonne mammal with bare force, especially when the location where the orca was trapped was so rugged and inaccessible to heavy machinery. Luckily, the team thought up a plan. They instantly removed the shirts off their own backs and soaked them with the sea water to try and keep the giant whale wet and feel a little less distressed.

The rescuers knew that their only option was to keep the whale like that until the tide came back in 8 hours. It was a nerve racking 8 hours. The orca looked totally spent, and everyone was on edge because of it. They were trying their best to keep her alive, but would it be enough? Thankfully, their efforts really paid off. After those long, grueling hours, the waters rose up high enough for the poor thing to swim away.

Once in the water, the poor thing looked totally rejuvenated. She seemed to be really grateful towards her rescuers too!

Check out this amazing video below:

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