This woman is a serial public urinator. Until this day, it was hard to believe if that was even a thing. Like who goes around peeing at an open area? But, boy I was wrong. Seriously! Public Urinator? Isn’t there anything better to do in their life?

Kelly Martin, an unemployed woman and a mother of five, took this urinating thing as her “profession.” This ‘anti-World War I‘ activist goes around war monuments and literally pees all over them. With this act, a lot of questions arises. Like, why is she protesting a war that ended decades ago? What’s the main objective of the protest?

After the video caused a rage in public, she got arrested and was sentenced seven months of imprisonment.

A spokesperson of Royal British Legion said:

‘The Legion is shocked and saddened to hear of this incident. War memorials and graves honor the memory of the British Armed Forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice and those who defend the freedom we enjoy. They deserve to be treated with the utmost respect.’

The main victim of this entire drama is her children. How would it affect their career after knowing their mother was a Serial Public Urinator? What example is she setting?


The government constructed these memorials to give honor to those who lost their lives to save ours. This is not just a disgrace to a memorial but the whole country.

A child’s first tutor is their parents. And if, this is the path their guardians are setting them, what do you think their children learn?

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