Last year, more than fifty children died after leaving them behind in a hot car. And it’s the highest total vehicular stoke happened in 21 years. And the number is rising. It’s innocent to think, children would sit behind in the vehicle while they go on grocery shopping, but this innocence can cost the kid’s life.

Whatever the outside temperature is, a closed vehicle can have a dangerous level of heat rise in a matter of minutes. Imagine being trapped in a very hot container. You can’t get out of it as all the doors are locked and you scream and cry, but no one hears you. Yes, that’s precisely what this 11-month-old girl felt.


Police in Missouri is investigating the tragic death of this child, Joseline Eichelberger. According to sources, she was left in the hot car for 15 hours. By the time the first responders were called, it was already too late. The girl’s grandma alerted the authorities after this tragic discovery.

 “A relative who was going to move the vehicle found the child,” said a spokesman from Calverton Park Police, Chris Robertson, “Unfortunately the child passed away from the heat. It was approximately 79 degrees that afternoon, and inside a vehicle, it gets much hotter.”

Source: GoFundMe

Calverton Park Police is investigating the incident with St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office. Though the investigators knew the precise picture of what happened, they refuse to disclose the details.

How could the parents forget a baby in the car for 15 hours!! Yes, that’s exactly what I thought. It turns out, each parent thought the other had the baby, according to family friend Barbara Beckett.

“You have two young parents,” she said, “One telling one to get the child and other telling the other…you know, mistakes are made. It’s a nightmare, they are traumatized. They can’t stop crying.”

Source: Victim’s Grandma/ Facebook page

According to the police, no arrest is made yet.

“We think about you every breath We take. You was the air We breathe. We hardly sleep, eat, I need to clean my house but Everytime I try to I see something of yours and I just can’t do it.” wrote Joseline grandma, Michelle Eichelberger on her facebook post.

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