With summer in the middle, hot days are getting hotter with many areas affected by serious heatwaves. So, it’s essential to know how dangerous these heatwaves can be. Dozens of animals and children die due to heatstroke as their parents leave them unattended in the car in a non-air-conditioned vehicle.

This 39-year-old father, Juan Rodriguez was devastated to find the tragic death of twins in a hot car. The father always had a loving relationship with his five children. Rodriguez is a disabled Iraq war veteran and a licensed social worker for homeless veterans at a Bronx hospital.

Source: Juan Rodrigues/Facebook

He dropped off his four-year-old son off at daycare but reportedly, forgot his one-year-old twins, Luna and Phoenix to drop at preschool. Thinking everyone reached their destination, Rodriguez went to work at the veteran’s hospital. After 8 hours of a day job, he got to the vehicle to have a horrific discovery.

At July 26, these one-year-old twins died from the heat. The internal temperature of these babies rose to 108 degrees and had foam on their mouth when Juan discovered them.

Source: Juan Rodrigues/Instagram

“My babies are dead!” Rodriguez reportedly yelled out. “I killed my babies!”

According to the reports, the car had a tinted window making it impossible for any passerby to notice the kids. The prosecutors have put the case on hold for further investigation. He, however, is on a suicide watch.

His defense attorney Joey Jackson said to CBS. “My client is inconsolable. He is beside himself in grief, and he’s been that way for a period of time, and I’m concerned about his mental health,”

Source: Bronx Criminal Court/Independent

“He would never hurt his children,” another neighbor told the Post. “He’s a very loving father … it’s beyond crazy. That’s a parent’s worst nightmare, it really is.”

The news sparked a rage to all the parents throughout the sates. Some were blaming their bad parenting while others were sorry for their loss.

“I don’t have a clue what the guy was thinking. It was like 90 degrees yesterday,” NYC resident Toby Kasser said. “You don’t leave kids in cars, you hear too many stories.”



Every parent needs to know the danger of leaving their kids behind and should always remember to check their back seat before locking their cars.

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