When a person suffers from an illness, it doesn’t only affect his health but a lot of other vital parts in their life. Especially when a patient is working man who is taking care of his entire family with his earning. And if he stops, there is no food on the table. And all there is left is a hope that everything’s going to be alright.

Larry Yockey was a fourth-generation farmer who nurtured his family with the earnings in the field. In February, the happy family turned silent after Larry got diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. Despite the diagnosis, Yockey didn’t stop working in his 1,200-acre farm in Ritzville. But sooner or later, his body started to give in making him difficult to work and eventually, impossible.
Larry said to WCNC: “The cancer has spread to my bones, so I have a broken hip and ribs.”

Source: Actual Footage

And that’s when this kind neighbor stepped in as a light of hope. His neighbors were aware of the situation; they wanted to help. They asked Larry if he’d be able to work during harvest season.
“I finally had to tell them, ‘No.’” Said Larry.
So dozens of fellow farmers stepped up even with their own work in the side. It took them three months to gather all necessary supplies to harvest Larry’s 1,200-acre farm.

“They stepped in unbeknownst to me and said don’t worry about the harvest, we’ll handle it for you,” Larry said.

July 28, more than 60 farmers finished Six month’s work in just six hours. They even bought the necessary machineries on their own. Larry was awestruck by the effort his neighbors were putting.

“It’s not describable the gratitude I have for what’s going on,” he said.

Mike Doyle, one of the farmers who helped said,
“I’m just glad to be here and help where I can and where I’m needed,”

In this selfish world, these types of stories really give us hope that the world still has some sparks left. It warms our heart and inspires us to be a part of this kindness and help to those in need.

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