Stormy had been nothing but a loving, loyal dog to his parents and the four kids in his family. The 2-year-old Pit Bull had never expected to be thrown into a kill shelter just because the family was having another baby. Yet, that’s exactly what happened.

According to the family, their house was getting “too full” and it was Stormy who had to leave. When Stormy was at the shelter, he waited for days for his family to come back. And when no one did, he became depressed. The pain was visible in his eyes every time you looked at him.

And soon, Stormy was on the euthanasia table.

And then a miracle happened.

Two minutes before her execution, “Eleventh Hour Rescue” volunteers intervened and rescued Stormy!

It didn’t take long to find this doggie a fantastic foster home. And Stormy wasn’t going to let this second chance pass by him.

In his new home, he’s found love, respect, and care that he’s always craved at the kill shelter. Now, he’s probably the happiest dog you’ll ever know.

To find out more about Stormy’s time at the shelter, watch the video below.

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