Cats are strange creatures. They can be playful and energetic one second, then totally change their mood and become serious in a matter of moments. You can never tell when or how they’ll change their minds, and it really keeps you on your toes! If you think they behave like that only with their owners or other humans, you’d be quite mistaken. They treat each other like that as well!

They are usually thought to be very detached and aloof critters. They are also known to be quite naughty from time to time. While they don’t make messes like dogs, they have their own brand of mischief. And when two such cats get together, it can make for some really hilarious moments! Take for instance the cats shown in the video below! You are going to be in stitches when you see this!

A black cat appeared to be mesmerized by the pristine blue pool in a back yard. He was checking out the water and maybe even his own reflection on the water’s surface. Meanwhile, his friend slowly walked towards him from the back. He noticed that the other cat totally engrossed in himself. Without a moment’s thought, the cat pushes his friend into the water! He poor cat must have lost one of his lives from the fear!

It was certainly not a good day for the poor cat—that was really so uncalled for!

Check out this video below:

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