Nothing is better than the love of your family and good food to eat. Both of them has significant importance in our life. However, sometimes, this food might do us more harm than good. A regular meal can turn fatal if the cook is careless. And this boy is lucky to be alive after having a deadly burger.

Summer is always reserved for a chilling barbeque around the world. And the one working on their grills must be very cautious while preparing their meal. For some, it’s a textbook, but for others, they learn it the hard way just like the Fiore family.

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Their careless near the grill resulted in a terrible consequence. The family decided a perfect chill with a barbequed burger.

Everyone was very excited, including the family’s six-year-old son, Anthony who with a hungry stomach, took a generous bite to the juicy burger. But, rather than feeling good and satisfied, he felt terrible in his first swallow.

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He experienced a needle-like prick in the throat. The family grew scared as the pain got worse and worse. Anthony started panicking and crying. Anthony’s parents rushed their son to the nearest hospital. He was admitted straight to the emergency room.

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The condition took a deadly turn as they arrived at the hospital. Anthony was bleeding from his mouth. Upon inspection, the doctor had a shocking discovery.

A metal wire-bristle was lodged into Anthony’s throat. The bristle was deeply buried into the flesh, which resulted in heavy bleeding.

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The family immediately realized the source of the bristle. Before the actual party, brushed and cleaned the barbeque with a barbecue cleaning brush. The bristle on the brush contained some thin strips of wire.

Anthony’s condition was severe; however, no one in the hospital was experienced enough to treat him. So, he got transferred to another hospital. Twelve hours passed the incident, and a surgeon finally was able to remove the needle. But he was still in danger.

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There is still a 50% chance in any infection to occur in Anthony’s throat. He might need a close monitor even after the procedure.

Anthony had a healthy recovery. And in some ways is fortunate to be alive. In his case, the wire got stuck in one of the best place, the throat which is comparatively easy to remove. If the bristles had passed the throat and into the stomach or intestine, the survival chances may have been very thin. Less than 20% to be exact as it’s harder or even impossible to remove from the body.

Sadly, this type of barbeque incident is growing common around the world. In 2002 to 2014, more than 1,700 Americans paid a visit to the ER due to bristles lodged up in their body.

These Barbecue brushes are turning deadly. And we need to take necessary precautionary measures.


We need to replace these barbecue brush or adopt some with safer options like using metal bristles. As removing stuck-on food from the grill gates continuously makes the bristles loose and may adhere in your burger paddy leading to accidental ingestion.

Take extra attention before preparing your first batch of food and make sure no bristles are attached. Invest in detachable and replaceable brush head so that you can frequently replace it when the bristles are loose.

Here is how to clean your grill safely:

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