William Bancroft, a three-year-old boy, was excited on his day out at IHOP. It was his first-ever experience in the restaurant. As soon as he got to the restaurant, he knew exactly what he wanted to order. Pancakes!!! So, like any other excited kids, he excitedly waited for those tasty treats on Sunday morning.

William likes to eat from his own feet, and it is the only way he knows how to have his meal. So, he hopped on the table and waited for his food. “That’s all he knows,” William’s mother, Alexis Bancroft, told the local station KARK.

Source: Alexis Bancroft / Facebook

But not everyone was a fan of this.
The manager of IHOP was grossed out by little 3-year-old’s method. He watched the baby William pick the syrup bottle and rushed in their table then told: “the boy was raising concerns about the health code.”
And before William could take his first bite, the family was forced to leave the restaurant. When they left, a veteran and two women also left the hotel with them in protest of the manager’s behavior. Alexis was devastated with this behavior and is now taking actions against the manager.

Alexis Bancroft / Facebook

After Alan raised her voice through the now-deleted post on Facebook, several staffs from the company gave their senior apologies.

One of the workers at the very restaurant said:

“I just wanted to tell you how deeply ashamed I am of what happened to your child today. Me and a few other servers were completely SHOCKED that our manager did that.”

Alexis Bancroft / Facebook

This was the first time ever in 3 years her son had been discriminated like that. And she asked others to boycott the restaurant until changes were made on their policy. IHOP, on the other hand, reported that the manager is now on leave. And apologized to their family saying, its franchise don’t tolerate “discrimination of any type.”

One of the commentators wrote:
“How is he supposed to eat , this is so wrong and so sad,  you stay strong young man don’t give up on yourself there are just some places where people don’t understand the disabled love you little man if I owned a restaurant you and your family would be more than welcome to eat in my establishment you are just too cute .”

The boy is so full of life and happiness. Hope his smile never fade away.

Help us raise awareness so that no child would be treated any less than others.

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