When Muneca, an 18-year-old blind Dachshund’s family dumped her in a kill shelter, she was left completely devastated. She was so broken, that she refused to communicate and stayed in one corner, weeping for help.

A volunteer at Baldwin Park Animal Care Center, LA, Elaine Seamans, found Muneca in the horrible condition and approached her. The poor dog felt her warm touch and clung to her like her life depended on it.

John Hwang, a photographer who takes pictures of shelter dogs to bring them to notice, was around when Muneca found Elaine. He couldn’t just let the precious moment just pass. He took a beautiful picture and shared it on the Internet.

The photo earned a lot of attention from the people. Before long, “Frosted Faces Foundation” took Muneca in and saved her from a terrible fate. They gave her all the medical care she needed and escorted her to a foster home to recover in.

Soon, applications started pouring in to adopt the little blind pup and among them, Amy Gann was the most suitable parent for Muneca. She is finally in a happy, comfortable forever home and doesn’t have to worry about being left alone.

Watch the video below to know more about Muneca:

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