Dogs are a man’s best friends. They have been by our sides for centuries now, and their bond with us only grows stronger. So many people enjoy their dog’s company over others, and it’s no surprise why. Dogs are also friendly in general, and can befriend almost any other animal as well. Just check out the one in this amazing story!

Meet Ben. This Labrador has an amazing friend. Every day, Ben goes to the harbor to meet Duggie, the dolphin. They greet each other, and they swim together and have a good time. Their friendship may seem bizarre to some, but they don’t seem to care much. Ben’s owner said that they’ll be out there swimming around and the dolphin will come up behind Ben and try to swim in the same direction!

Now their unique friendship is taking the internet by storm and it’s easy to see why! Every day, Ben jumps head-first into the cold ocean water and swims out several hundred feet past the crashing waves! All this just so he can meet his unusual friend. You might have heard of unusual friendships, but this certainly takes the cake!

What an amazing pair! You can’t get any more unusual or cuter than these two, can you?

Check out this amazing video below:

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