As a working mom, it’s hard to take care of your baby. And it’s even harder to find a good babysitter to do so when you’re away. You might ask other parents for reference, but still, it’s difficult to analyze if your baby is safe around them. This poor child was a victim of a bad babysitter.

Mom left her joyful six-month-old baby in the hand of a female babysitter. After a few hours, when she came back home, her happy toddler was oddly quiet. Now smile no hug and terrified expression. Finding this unusual, she knew something was not right.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

She knew her babysitter, Ismelda Ramos Mendoza had harmed her daughter. So, she examined her body. Upon investigation, she found the soles of the baby’s feet had a huge blister mark. Discovering this, the furious mom asked what happened, to which the baby sitter replied, she had no idea.

Unsatisfied with the answer, the mother called the police and accused her of child abuse. She immediately took her daughter to the hospital to cure the wound. Her feet had severe burn like a cooked flesh. The police later discovered the real reason for the injury.

baby sitter burned daughters feet

Mendoza, the 36-year-old babysitter, confessed that she got angry while cooking as the baby couldn’t stop crying. So, she grabbed her baby’s feet and lodged it into the hot pan as a punishment. She is now arrested in charge of child abuse.

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