One of the strangest things that birds can go through is imprinting. When a baby bird, especially ducks and geese, hatches from the egg, it connects to on whatever or whoever it sees in the first moments of life. Imprinting can also occur even after hatching. Whatever the bird imprints itself, it thinks that it is its mother or caregiver. For example, a duckling that sees a cow first can also think it is a cow too.

You might have seen various clips about this phenomenon. This can apply to other animals and birds as well. For instance, caretakers of panda captivity centers usually dress up as pandas to care for cubs until they are older. Even crane chicks are fed using a crane puppet by caretakers. The little duckling in the following video also had imprinted on an unusual subject!

This video shows an adorable little duckling who appears to have imprinted on a human. This mallard duckling was abandoned, so the kind person took him into his home. Now the baby bird can’t stay for a moment without his human! Look at him dashing behind to catch up with the person! The duckling even sits by his side while he studies! You heart will melt when you see the little bird fall asleep on the person’s lap—it’s just too adorable!

This adorable guy can melt even the hardest of hearts! Would you love to have him as a pet?

Check out this amazing video below:

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