It’s sad to see how so many dogs have to go through so much pain and are left helplessly by those who see them. Hundreds upon thousands of dogs end up on the streets without any food, shelter or medical attention. The most extreme cases get help really slowly, if they get any at all. This story is about a dog named Augustus, and he had been through hell. He was suffering from severe mange, worms and an ear infection. The mange was so bad that his fur was completely gone and his skin had totally cracked up. Thankfully, the kind souls at Heart Of Alabama refused to give up on him.


They began his antibiotic treatments and gave him a much needed bath as well. Slowly, he began to show signs of improvement—the dry flaky skin peeled off, leaving him looking like a burn victim. Through the whole process, Augustus, lovingly called Auggie, remained very sweet and gentle. His medicated baths began showing results. As his treatment continued, he started transforming beautifully. By the end of the process, he turned into a handsome dog with black-and-white fur. His look transformed as well—from a scared, pained expression to a happy smiling face!


This has to be one of the worst cases of mange that the rescuers had encountered, but they gave it everything they had. It really paid off too, and the result speaks for itself. Augustus and the team at Heart of Alabama shows that with patience and lots of love, even the worst cases can be given hope. Let’s pray the world finds inspiration and hope through Augustus’s story and treat other dogs in a similar way.

Check out his amazing transformation below:

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