Deuces, a 5-month-old puppy was beaten to death and Ibe Nyshere Lyles is the culprit. The 42-year-old man confessed that he did so because the little animal urinated on his sofa.

According to witnesses, Deuces was tied to the fence and then beaten with a white rope by the man. The poor puppy was then kicked countless times before being allegedly choked to death.

Source: 502artistb/Morguefile

Right now, Ibe is being held at Cecil County Detention Center, facing charges for aggravated animal cruelty, animal cruelty, restraining a dog to have limited movement and restraining a dog to limit water or shelter.

Source: 502artistb/Morguefile

The exact cause of Deuces’ death isn’t determined yet. His body will be undergoing a necropsy soon. Unsurprisingly, this incident has caused an uproar among animal activists. Justice for the dead puppy has been demanded from every corner. But, Ibe trial is yet to happen and the punishment remains undecided.

Watch the video below to see the rising animal abuse in the Maryland area and see just how terrible humanity has become.

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