A pet owner knows they are never alone in their house. Their cute four-legged companions never miss following around wherever we go. In the short span of time they live, these fur babies make sure they always catch a glimpse of us. And we too don’t want to be separated from them not even when we die.

But the options were limited who wished to be buried right next to their pooch. Their only choice: Pet Cemetery. But if humans have rights to be buried on pet cemetery, why can’t pets do the same? Why can’t they be buried in a human cemetery?


Well, now they can. New York is changing rules of where your pets can be buried. This new law passed states; people can choose if they wanna bury their pets alongside their owner, in a human cemetery. Furthermore, the law is not limited to cats and dogs but a range of other animals.

On Monday, Gov. Cuomo signed the legislation. He said:
“For many New Yorkers, their pets are members of the family. This legislation will roll back this unnecessary regulation and give cemeteries the option to honor the last wishes of pet lovers across New York.”

Pet owners throughout the state are applauding to this new rule. However, there is some exception to the rule. This rule doesn’t comply with the religious cemeteries, and also individual cemetery can choose to refuse the burial if they please.

Westchester County’ pet cemetery states:
“Every year, at least five people choose to be buried with their pets in their cemetary, rather than being apart from them in a human cemetery. It’s a way for them to stay close to their loved ones even after they’re gone.”

Until now, people who wished to bury their pets with them, they had to rely on someone else to sneak these furbabies in putting their family members in danger. Now, this tradition has ended for the best.

With Newyork on the way, hopefully, other states also join in and create a similar law.

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