When Jordy, a 9-year-old German Shepherd was surrendered to a high kill shelter by his family, he was heartbroken and lost all his spark.

He was only just settling well with his new family when they decided they didn’t want to keep him. So, they gathered all his favourite toys, some food, and blanket and took him to Carson Animal Shepherd in Gardena, California.

Facebook/Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

This is an overcrowded shelter where animals are often euthanized due to not finding a home for weeks, without any other choice left.

Jordy was confused at first, but then he realized that he was left back by his family and no one was coming for him. He immediately got emotionally shocked and got into depression. He barely ate or drank.

Facebook/Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

He cries himself to sleep every night and shelter workers are very much concerned about him. He is up for adoption and they hope he finds a forever home soon, where he will never be unwanted.

Watch sad Jordy in the video below:

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