One of the biggest fear every pet owner hold is that their beloved pet partner gets separated. Whether your baby is lost or someone took them away from you, the nightmare is actual hell. So, we do everything to prevent it from happening. We make sure we shut the door, we put them on a lease so that our pooch isn’t picked up by a local pound – or worse.

But sadly sometimes, even with our countless effort, these things happen. At least that’s what happened to Samara Moses’s, ten-year-old doggie ran away after being spooked by the July 5th firework on Independence day. Living in Austin, Chicago, the senior dog couldn’t bear the fear of the neighborhood noise. So, he did the last thing he ever wanted to do. Ran away.

Source: CBS News

According to the Metro, Mosses searched her pet everywhere. She finally decided to put an appeal online. As Kobe never had a microchip, Symara and her family knew it’s gonna be hard to find him. But they didn’t lose hope. Luckily, not long after, Kobe was found safe, but they had a heartbreaking discovery that they might not get their dog back ever again.

The rescue workers found the pooch at the nearby streets the following day. After some care, he was taken to a local shelter called Fetching Tails, totally unknow about the worried family looking for him. Kobe was neutered, microchipped, and his ear infection was within three days. And surprisingly was adopted after in just 72 hours.

Source: Actual news/CBS Chicago

After Moses family found out about the adoption, the family desperately tried to get him back. The mom approached the Fetching Tails at a fundraiser program on Wednesday, but instead of sitting down and talk, the family got a cease and desist letter by the group’s lawyer. The letter informed that no employees of the shelter should be ever contacted again by the family. Moses hopes to meet Kobe’s new family member to discuss the matter.
The devasted mom, Symara spoke to CBS Chicago saying: “I have never experienced this in my life. This is so hard.”

After hearing the story, the local councilor spoke in support of the family: “That’s a family member that they’re holding hostage right now. For the City of Chicago to do business with partners like that, who don’t want to be questioned for their actions. That’s not something I’m comfortable with.”

Source: CBS News

Fetching Tail’s Lawyer, Andre Wrighte, finally spoke about the controversy, saying:” The new owners are aware of what’s been going on. But none of that matters. There is a legal contract.” According to him, the new owner had no interest in meeting the family.

Nonetheless, Lopez is planning to call Wrighte to make sure the meeting takes place: “And if they pursue this whole, ‘We’re doing our legal best, don’t bother us anymore,’ I will be happy to tell them I’m not confident in their abilities to be good partners with the residents of the City of Chicago.”

Lopez wants to introduce a new rule of 7-days limit before any adoption rather than the current three-day limit, which affected the family.

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