The world is full of Bizarre tradition. Some are interesting to be part of while others go off the radar of humanity. Allowing young girls marrying an older man is a popular culture throughout the world. Their groom is sometimes four to five times elder than the ‘bride.’ As shocking the culture is, you would be shocked to find their parents fixed these marriages in exchange of wealth.

These brides are too immature to know what’s happening to their body. Her rights to education, freedom everything is stripped away in a matter of seconds. And she then is left in a corner handling her husband’s pleasure, which she clearly is too delicate to understand. Sometimes these brides die at their wedding night.

According to CNN, these practices are common in many countries including Yemen. The government sets no bar on these girl’s age of getting married.

Among hundreds of young brides married each year in Yemen, this girl who was just 8-year-old at her marriage was one of them. Her parents arranged her marriage to a much older man. At her wedding night, she was basically raped – she is reportedly dead. The cause of her death was identified to be from internal bleeding with extensive harass.

This country has the highest death rates in the world. If this tradition doesn’t end sooner, there would be fewer women in the country left. People are raising voice against these arranged marriages. There are numerous protests and educational shows happening to stop this culture.

According to White Ribbon Alliance, one in every 90 wives dies during childbirth. And, the sole reason, their age, and improper hygiene.

There needs to be a healthy mother to bear a healthy child. Their goal is to educate women about the rights to be healthy and mature before bearing their first child and after the pregnancy.

The National Safe Motherhood Alliance (NSMA), White Ribbon Alliance, and The White Ribbon Alliance are trying to get in touch with the Yemen government for a conversation to stop these abuse to young children.

Let’s hope the government will listen and act on this matter. Yemen needs to protect their young girls and give women an equal right that they deserve.

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