Kylina Turner had no idea that what she thought was a bundle of fur was actually Caro, a dog.

“I thought he was a stuffed animal,” Turner said. “He was completely frozen still, staring at me. I figured I should check just in case, and as I walked up to him his ear twitched.”

“I was completely shocked that this was an animal,” Turner added, “let alone a living one.”

Stuck in a backyard of a house in Austin, Texas, Caro’s legs were tangled in a wire bed frame. The little doggie immediately held out his paw to Turner when he saw her for he was too weak to get out the mess himself.

“He wasn’t scared of me and didn’t make a sound,” Turner said. “He just watched what I was doing with a blank look in his eyes. I think he knew I was going to help him.”

The wrapped her sweater around the skeletal-looking dog, too scared to touch him. When she lifted all him 18-pound body from the bed, his complete trust surprised her. “He followed right by my side as we walked to my car, where he immediately fell asleep, finally feeling safe,” she said.

Turner chose to take him to the vet instead of the animal shelter for she didn’t know what might happen in the 20-minute ride. Then the staff took over.

But it was when the little doggie was stabilized and treated that Turner realized how much she adored the lovely creature.

“The vet techs told me they would keep him there and pool their money to pay for his recovery,” Turner said. “That night I started a GoFundMe for Caro.”

The checkup found out that the 6-month-old dog was malnourished, sunburned and dehydrated. It was the worst case of manage the vet had ever witnessed.

There wasn’t any assurance that Caro would even survive. Concerned and afraid, Turner visited him repeatedly, but the dog couldn’t even move.

“During the week Caro was at the vet, I visited and checked on him daily,” Turner said. “The techs were always very excited about the littlest things — ‘He lifted his head up today,’ ‘He walked to the other side of his kennel today,’ ‘He was able to eat solid food today.’ It was heartbreaking.”

Even though his future wasn’t clear, Turner found her extremely attached to the dog. It was then that she decided that she would foster him until he became stronger after he got out of the hospital.

But fate had other ideas.

“It didn’t take long until I realized I wouldn’t be able to give Caro up,” Turner said. “The first couple weeks were rocky. My 7-year-old dog, Casey, was not very interested in losing her title of Only Child, but they quickly became best friends!”

Caro’s coat began to grow as Turner fed him small meals four times a day and gave him medicated baths for the mange.

He started gaining healthy weight and with every pound, he put on, he started looking like an actual German Shepherd.

When you look at him today, it’s hard to believe that Caro was the same dog that Turner found.

“He is now 9 months old and 50 pounds, with the softest and fluffiest coat ever and absolutely no health issues,” Turner said.

His astonishing transformation hasn’t changed his personality though. He’s still the most trusting creature Turner has ever met.

“He has the best disposition of any dog I’ve ever owned or met,” Turner said. “He’s the most trusting dog and loves people including children … he is a submissive little baby who never barks despite being a ‘scary’ German shepherd.”

Today, Caro is an inseparable part of Turner’s family.

“Caro has brought us more happiness than I thought possible,” Turner said. “He is the funniest puppy and we’re constantly laughing at something he’s doing.”

Caro isn’t exactly sad about his present situation either.

“Once his energy has subsided he turns into the sweetest little teddy bear,” Turner added. “I fall asleep wrapped around him in my bed and he doesn’t move all night.”

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