Everything is so new for babies. All they see around them are strange and new things that they can get really curious about. Things like walking, talking and interacting with others take time to learn. It’s not just human babies that have it this way. Baby animals too need to do a lot of learning. Puppies have to be some of the cutest baby animals in the world, and the one in the following video is a total sweetheart.

This English bulldog puppy looks like he’s only a few weeks old. He must have been quite surprised by everything around him too. He had come across a mirror in his owner’s room. But he was really surprised by his own refection. The tiny little guy must have thought that the reflection was another dog, so he couldn’t stop barking at it!

Look at him jumping around everywhere, yapping and barking at the mirror. He even tries to jump at it and attack it! He must have been puzzled by the image following him around everywhere and not leaving him alone. Despite that, he seemed to be quite fascinated by it himself. Well, it might take some time for him to learn this strange new concept. Till then, we can all agree that this behavior is as cute as it gets!

Check out this hilarious video below:

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