Recently, a surprisingly generous man named Joseph “Tony” Bennet, left behind a donation of $190,000 in his will to the Madison County Animal Shelter. This is a brilliant thing, since it will help change the lives of many dogs in the shelter for years to come.

Source: WKYT

The director of the shelter. Scott Tussey, said that this donation will help more than 700 helpless dogs every year. The shelter is quite visibly over populated and has been lagging behind in resources, which leads them to take some harsh decisions. The donation will surely help the shelter overcome that.

The drive is named as the “Bennett Saves initiative” and its organizers are looking forward to joining hands with local veterinarians so that they can extend the benefit to the all the strays in each neighbourhood. The fund will also be used to invest to provide for the continuation of the benefits even beyond the donation.

Source: WKYT

Recently, the donation was sanctioned by the Fiscal Court and in no time, the program will be running. This is such an uplifting story! Hopefully, the “Bennett Saves Initiative” runs smoothly and works well!

Watch the video below to know more about this story:

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