Don Chatten was out walking his two rescue dogs at Ellicott Creek Dog Park when one of his dogs started acting strange.

The 49-year-old man followed his dog as he stopped at the foot of the bridge. And as he looked down the creek, he heard a whimpering noise.

Don immediately remembered the missing dog he had heard of and went near the stream to check. His suspicions were confirmed when he found dog trapped in the middle of the freezing waters. He shouted at the people around the park to call 911. However, it looked like it was going to be too late for the dog.

And that’s when he decided to intervene. He jumped into the cold water and got to the dog. Breaking the ice with his hand, he walked through the waist-deep freezing water and held the dog to his chest. He slowly tiptoed to the shore with the dog in his secure arms.

Following this, the Terrier mix, Jackson, headed to emergency care where he received the much-needed medical treatment. And it was all thanks to Don.

While many are calling Don a hero, he simply gives all the credit to his dog. It was, after all, thanks to him that they knew something was wrong.

Watch the video below to see how Don saved the lovely creature!

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