Lana is just a little over eight months old. She is still young, but she is one of the kindest souls you will come across.

This little girl lives in Brazil. She was a stray before she was rescued off the streets with her siblings last year. She was then adopted by Suelen Schaumloeffel. Lana was starting to settle herself into this new wonderful life, but she hadn’t forgotten about those unfortunate than her.

Suelen Schaumloeffel

To battle the cold weather, Suelen bought Lana a thick blanket so she could be cozy.

But the woman had no idea that the pup was giving up a little of her own comfort for the sake of her new friend.

Suelen Schaumloeffel

She only found out about it one chilly Tuesday morning. Schaumloeffel’s fiancé was about to head to work when he saw that the puppy had taken the blanket out to share with another dog that lived on the streets.

Suelen Schaumloeffel

Schaumloeffel says she saw the other dog for the first time near their house a few days ago. She had no idea if he was a stray. When she approached to check for a tag, he ran away.

“I thought, ‘How beautiful what she did for her friend,'” Schaumloeffel says. “My best four-legged friend reminded me of something so important: generosity!”

Suelen and her fiancé have seen the duo’s friendship grow. When they try to approach the dog, he always runs away. They hope that if he’s lost, they can help him get home, or if he’s a stray, make him a part of their family. They have been leaving out food and water for him.

Suelen Schaumloeffel

“She is the nicest little dog I’ve ever met,” Suelen says. “We forget sometimes the difference we can make in someone’s life but she has reminded me of this.”

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