Green parrots are one of the most popular species of birds in the world. They can consist of parakeets, Senegals, amazons, and even Sun Conures. These beautiful birds are given this name because of their bright green plumage. They are very stunning in appearance, aren’t they? Many of us even keep them as our pets. Parrots are known all over the planet for their intelligence and social nature. They are also renowned for being quite entertaining.

They can be taught to do some amazing tricks. Parrots are incredible when it comes to imitating sounds. They can copy different kinds of sounds – from machines, to even human speech! However, owners need to be really patient with them since they are known for their moodiness. In this video, we get to meet an Indian ringneck called JoJo and an adorable little Quaker parrot called Buddy. JoJo loves his friend and the way he expresses his love has been going viral on the internet.

JoJo talks very cutely and he loves kisses too. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see how he interacts with Buddy. He says things like “Watcha doin’?” and “Gimme a kiss!” in order to sweep his friend off his feet! It is really very adorable! Check out this precious clip below! Did this make you smile? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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