Mother Nature is always beautiful. Just taking a moment to look away from your screen and look out the window can be really refreshing. A simple stroll through the woods or a garden can really do your soul some good. It’s full of magical sights and sounds! Have you ever just looked at a bird on your window ledge and felt really nice and peaceful? Well, the guy who took the following video decided to bring the birds to him rather than the other way around.

Bryan Chapman saw a flock of hummingbirds in his yard. Hummingbirds are magical creatures. They are so tiny, yet so beautiful and strong! Their iridescent feathers are things of beauty. Their wings flap at such insane speeds that they can actually hover in the air like a helicopter and are the only birds that can do this. So it’s natural for Bryan to want to take a closer look at these breathtaking specimens.

Now, it’s quite hard to get close to hummingbirds. They can fly away in an instant! But Bryan came up with a brilliant idea. He took a cup and filled it with a sugary mixture. Hummingbirds love this sweet nectar, so when he raised that cup into the air, the huge flock immediately flew in to take a sip. They didn’t seem too scared of Bryan. They were so focused on lapping up the nectar!

As for Bryan, he got to see these incredible creatures really up close. It must have been an exciting experience indeed.

Check out this amazing video below:

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