There are things that we all have to go through. Of course, we don’t all talk about our bodily functions and it is often embarrassing too. For instance, farting is totally natural and it happens to all of us. But farting in public or in front of someone is still considered really taboo or disgusting even. It’s not just humans that can let it rip. Animals do it too, and they don’t seem to be ashamed at all.

For example, you might have seen the footage of Harry the hippo letting out a massive fart in front of the crowd at a zoo. Farm animals like horses and cows are guilty of it too. In fact, the gas emissions made by cows is said to be a significant contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming! The pooch in the following video, however, seems to be really embarrassed when letting one rip.

This white German shepherd was just chilling with her mom on the couch. Suddenly, she let out a really squeaky fart. It was quite long, and it seemed to amuse and confuse her at the same time. She couldn’t believe she made that sound, and after a while, she finally realized it. It didn’t sit too well with her, so she jumped off the couch and tried to look innocent!

Well, her mom didn’t seem to mind much. She actually laughed it off, and now this video is cracking up millions online!

Check out this hilarious video below:

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