There is something wonderful about growing up in a farm. You’re much closer to nature, and you can see the magic unfurl right before your eyes. It is great especially for babies. They can learn so much by observing nature. They can get to see animals up close, and interact with them closely. The little girl in the following video is very lucky, as she gets to spend time with her adorable little horse called Cinnamon.

Meet Emma. This little girl is as happy as can be with her horse. She doesn’t mind being in the snow to play with her horse. She is already learning so many things, from holding the rein to taking the lead with her horse. Her dad was very proud of her progress, so he decided to film her in action. He ends up capturing an adorable moment indeed, and it will melt your heart. If you love cute things, you will melt with this combination of baby meets horse!


The best part about it was how patient the horse was with the little girl. She didn’t seem to mind being led by the toddler, and was very patient and gentle while she literally learned to take the reins. You can already tell these two are going to be great friends as Emma grows up!

Check out this adorable duo below:

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