Dogs are the best company humans could ever get. They are cute, they are affectionate and caring, and they are known for being quite intelligent as well. Dogs are also renowned for their faithfulness. They are probably one of the most loyal species in the world. Everybody knows that they make great addition to one’s family. That is the reason so many people have adopted them into their homes. But some tend to fear that dogs aren’t good with children. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Dogs are the best gift you could ever give your kid.

Our canine friends are amazing with little kids. Their intuition when it comes to children is quite unbelievable. Dogs are immensely calm and gentle around kids. When dealing with a child, they become very patient and tolerant. Some of them even act like babysitters. Take for instance, this cute pair of Weimaraners featured in the video below. Their mom was expecting a baby, but nobody was ready for their reaction.

As you can see, the dogs are excited about the baby as much as their parents are. You are going to melt when you see them rubbing against her belly. The dogs somehow seemed to know that a new member of their family was on his way. They patiently waited for nine months to meet him. And they ended up falling in love the first time they laid their eyes on him. These three are going to be best friends for sure. Check out this adorable clip below and share your thoughts in the comments!

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