A Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix, Caitlyn, went through horrible abuse and cruelty three years ago. Found in Charleston, South California in 2015, Caitlyn’s mouth was bound closed with duct tape. Her original owner, a drug dealer, carelessly gave her away to William Leonard Dodson, 42, who was sick of hearing her bark. So, he taped her mouth shut.

It was only after she was left outside like that for 36 hours that she escaped the chain. Someone found her in the streets and authorities immediately started the investigation. A piece of electrical tape that bound her was found by a crate at Dodson’s house, which was how he was arrested.

After this, Caitlyn was taken to Charleston Animal Society, where she had to undergo countless surgeries. It was only after she went to a foster home that she finally found a loving family to adopt her.

Because of the cruel actions of Dodson, Caitlyn has a scar around her mouth. However, her unbreakable will to live and fight back made her a worldwide inspiration.

Despite her horrifying past, she loves people and is very friendly towards everyone. Her sweet family adores her and even has a Dachshund sister for him to play with. Parks, beaches and open spaces for her to play with a ball are her favorites.

While Caitlyn’s story and improvement are very uplifting, there are countless animals abused like she was. Animal Society is one foundation that helps by bringing stories like hers to light and garnering support for those in terrible conditions.

So, please contact your local law enforcement or animal control if you suspect an animal is being abused by the owners or people alike. Caitlyn’s abuser has been sentenced to a maximum of 5 years for animal cruelty, but he will be behind bars for 15 years for an unrelated weapon charge.

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