Fall is finally here. After all those months of sweltering heat and annoying sweat, the cooler days are here to give us all some relief. It is a wonderful time of the year, when the leaves start changing into beautiful hues and the smell of comforting hot food is everywhere. Fall is never complete without pumpkins—they are literally everywhere!

From pumpkin spiced lattes to pumpkin pie to pumpkin flavored candy, you can’t escape the orange this season. Halloween is also right around the corner, so people have started planning their pumpkin carvings as well. But not everyone seems to be happy with the season’s produce. The little corgi in the following video seems a little grumpy!

This tiny corgi puppy can’t seem to stand pumpkins. When his owners handed him a tiny one, the puppy went on full attack mode! He kept jumping on and biting the pumpkin. He must have mistaken it for a toy, but he didn’t stop to check whether it tasted good or not. All he seems to care about was destroying it. Thanks to the pumpkin’s thick skin though, it was a challenge to the puppy.

You can’t help but smile along with this adorable little pooch!

Check out her antics below:

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